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Heroes vs Villians by frieless Heroes vs Villians by frieless
Well this took a while... (if your wondering where's superman? hes that little blue-red streak in the background flying to save people)

Characters from left to right (with comic book appearance): Zoom- The Flash (The Flash: Rouge War), Lex Luthor- Superman (Superman vol 1 #4), Captain Cold- The Flash (The Flash: Rouge War), The Riddler- Batman (Arkham Reborn 2), Slade/ Deathstroke- Teen Titans/ Batman (The New Teen Titans vol 1 #2), The Joker- Batman (The Joker), Batman- Batman (Detective Comics), Robin (Tim Drake)- Batman (Teen Titans), Raven- Teen Titans, Beast boy- Teen Titans, The Flash (Wally West)-The Flash (The Flash: Rebirth), The Green Arrow- Green Arrow (Green Arrow: Moving Arrows).

I apologize for any mistakes made in the list above... hope you like it :)
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September 28, 2013
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